Why should I bother with fitted furniture?

Light and sleek


We have been designing, hand crafting and fitting bedrooms, kitchens and home offices across the Midlands since 1994, so we really love this question! Despite there being a vast array of furniture to choose from online and in stores, there really is something rather special about you being able to design what suits you best – and then showing it off to your friends!

But surely that will take forever?

Our long serving team of designers all know how excited you can be when having bespoke furniture made, so always do their best to produce your piece as soon as possible – without compromising their craftsmanship.  They are supported in this by having cutting edge machinery for precision and the perfect finish.

That’s going to cost the earth

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution to your home or office storage issues within your budget.  We are also determined to recycle as much of the waste we produce as possible – so this won’t cost the earth either!

How do I get started?

Firstly, take a look at our website.  These are all photos of us taken either in our workshop or with some of the furniture we have made and installed.  You will see that we have used a huge range of materials and finishes to maximise the use of every centimetre of space possible.  Then just call us!  We will come to you to and discuss with you how we can realise your dreams of having the perfect solution to your storage problems.


Any room shape can be adapted

Great use of space